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Evres Family Day 2023

As an organization, Evres firmly believe in the value of family. As one of our methods to appreciate the value, Evres have organized an event to group our staffs and their family members in a 3 days and 2 nights stayfrom 16th of June to 18th of June 2023 in one of the famous resorts in Kuantan, Pahang, the Adena Beach Resort.

Numbers of activities were organized throughout the event; involving both Evres staffs aswell as their family members.

Located strategically by the beach, every participant managed to really enjoy sea breeze and do beach activities such as renting the ATVs, play volleyball as well enjoying night breeze near the beach.

The beauty of the event is that most activities were planned and organized by the assigned employees themselves. This is an exposure to them and an opportunity to develop their soft skills with regard to managing or handling events.

Each and every participant showed the highest commitment possible to turn this event into a successful one.