Made of polyester reinforced cellulose non woven (Spunlace). It has extreme softness that allows the user to feel a good level of comfort.
Surgical Gown (Sterile Packed with 2 O.T. Towel)

Size Specification
Small(S) Standard
Medium(M) Standard
Large.(L) Standard
X-Large(XL) Standard
Large X-Long(LL) Standard
X-Large X-Long(XLL) Standard
Small Fabric Reinforced
Medium Fabric Reinforced
Large Fabric Reinforced
X-Large Fabric Reinforced
XX-Large Fabric Reinforced
X-Large X-Long Fabric Reinforced
Small PE Reinforced
Medium PE Reinforced
Large PE Reinforced
X-Large PE Reinforced
XX-Large PE Reinforced
X-Large X-Long PE Reinforced