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Evres Team Building

“There is no ‘I’ in TEAM.”

A phrase that we have heard hundreds of times. As an organization that always aiming to be at the top, Evres highly emphasize the importance of working as a team. To win, lose, and be successful together as a team.

Aligned with this mission, a team building activity was held on 17th of June 2023 at Adena Beach Resort, Kuantan.

The team building event is one of the specialized slots in the 3 days and 2 nights family day event which took place at the resort.

Numbers of activities were conducted throughout the team building slot which each and every activity is foreseen as a catalyser for Evres staff to embrace the importance of working together.

Besides the laugher and joy that obviously shown by their face expressions, we believe every single participant firmly understand the importance of cooperation, working together, and what defines a team.

We aim to organize more of such event to always keep everyone on track to have the same purpose, vision, and mission so that it benefits not just to the organization; but to everyone personally.